House of Treasures

by Rachel Fawn

Book Cover: House of Treasures
Part of the Mrs. Vashti's House of Secret Treasures series:
  • House of Treasures

The greatest treasures are found within.

House of Treasures by Rachel Fawn

No one warns Leah, Sam, Tristen, or Alyssa about shopping at Ms. Vashti's House Of Secret Treasures. Each one makes a purchase and quickly finds themselves in a quest that will challenge their strength, courage and belief. With an unusual kidnapping, a pursuit in the past, a sword fight, and an unbelievable death trap, they will each discover a part of themselves they never knew existed. (196 pages)

Publisher: Lee

About the Author

Rachel Fawn is the mother of three daughters and the grandmother of three girls and two boys. She was born in Cloverdale, California, but her family moved to Arkansas in 1971. She discovered a love for children early on and was inspired to teach Sunday School classes while still a teenager. After several years, Rachel earned a promotion to lead the entire Children’s Church program, which in turn led to an offer of a position as Children’s Director at a larger church. Driven by her creative lessons, characters, and skits, her program grew from forty children to over four hundred. Before long, other churches and schools from across the area were reaching out to find out her methods for connecting with the next generation. The “secret,” though, is simple. Children are imaginative and connecting with them comes only by a willingness to embrace their creative thought processes and speak their language. Inspiration is everywhere, just reach out and take hold of the fun of teaching kids. For her part, Rachel has taken on the task of reaching more children than she ever could before—through writing.




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