Critter Invasion

by Clarissa Willis

Book Cover: Critter Invasion
Part of the Critters! series:

Corban has nightmares and the worst one is about creepy, crawly, slimy CRITTERS invading his house. He talks to his mom, his teacher, and even his best friend Jax and their advice only makes the nightmares worse. It is only when he learns to use his mind tools’ that he is able to overcome his fears and get rid of the critters once and for all.

Publisher: Lee

About the Author

Clarissa Willis has a PhD in Early Childhood Special Education and has written 19 teacher resource books and worked on major curriculum projects. She is a national and internally known speaker in the field of early childhood education and inclusion of children with special needs. Her career as an educational consultant spans 30+ years. She lives in Southern Indiana with her dog, Mr. Ebeneezer. Her book Critter Invasion is scheduled for release in March 2021. Critter Invasion is book one of a five book series.




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