If You Meet a Tiger

by Anne Ogilvie Duff

Walking in the woods Katie and Henry meet a ferocious tiger. They are very afraid. But when they turn round and face the tiger, he runs away becoming smaller and smaller, until he shrinks into a tiny little kitten. Together they learn that fears get smaller when you face them together.

Publisher: Lee

About the Author

Anne Ogilvie Duff is an illustrator and story teller. She grew up in Scotland and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art before coming to the United States. She taught in the Fine Arts department at Culver Academies in Indiana for twenty-two years. She has illustrated poetry and prose, including JT Owl Learns to Share by Dana S Neer. She also is author and illustrator of Wee Witch Polishes the Stars. Anne loves nature and spends much of her time on long walks by Lake Maxinkuckee with her six grandchildren.  She lives in Culver, Indiana. Anne's next book If I Meet A Tiger is scheduled for publication in 2021.





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