by Jonathan Bouw

Book Cover: Lantaka

Lantaka is the story of a young Filipino boy - Danilo, and his brother Manuel. Danilo wants to build a bamboo cannon - or lantaka, to celebrate New Year’s. Unfortunately, bamboo cannons can be dangerous and require using a bolo (machete) to cut and shape the bamboo. Wanting to protect Danilo and thinking he is still too young, Danilo’s father tells him he must wait until he is older and more experienced. Danilo decides to go ahead and try to build one. He takes Manuel’s bolo without permission and recklessly heads into the jungle. Unfortunately, Danilo’s plan is ruined when he falls and hurts himself, returning home in tears. To gain experience, Danilo must now cut firewood with his brother each day after school. This makes Danilo stronger and teaches responsibility with the bolo. A year later, Danilo, wiser and more mature, is permitted to make his own cannon

Publisher: Lee

About the Author

Jonathan Bouw lives in Muncie, Indiana with his wife and children. Prior to his current home, he lived in the Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia, New York and the state of Idaho. He studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Jonathan is an illustrator and university professor.

When he was a young boy, he had many adventures in the jungle, cutting down bamboo to make his own Lantaka. Besides firing bamboo cannons, he loved to draw dinosaurs, create rubber band weapons, swim in swift rivers, climb mango trees, and eat ripe rambutan till he was sick - all of which he still enjoys, though not as frequently. Jonathan's book The Lantaka  is available March 16, 2021.




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