Lucid Trade

by Kate Tailor

Cover of Lucid Trade by Kate Tailor
Part of the The Designed series:

Would You Hide or Fight?

In siding with the Designed, Raleigh has entered into a world of peril. While she knew her decision would have consequences, she had no idea just how severe they would be. Now on the run, she's being hunted from all sides. In order to save herself and her friends from being drained of their Lucid by their enemies, Raleigh is forced to work with Chi, whose loyalties are torn, and Tau, who believes she’s working for their enemy and intends to prove it.

The Lucid trade is volatile, and the men who run it are malicious. They don't care who they hurt, or even kill, in their quest to expand their reach and power. They must be stopped, and Raleigh plans on being the one to do it. Can she end the synthetic trade before it ends her? And is she willing to pay the price to do it?

Publisher: Fife

About the Author

According to Kate Tailor, "My first job was building planes, my second working with worms, my third, snug behind the pharmacy counter." Now she spends her time at a messy writing desk with two sleeping cats and dozens of stories scrawled across scrap paper.  She has been writing stories in her head (and sometimes murmuring them under my breath) since she was five. Over the last few years she committed them to paper. She writes the  stories that she wanted to read, but never found. If you’re looking for something interesting, she hopes you’ve found it here. Besides writing, Kate loves her husband, kids, and cats (less so on writing days). She also loves the mountains, rain, cappuccino, worms, board games (not monopoly), and friends. To learn more about Kate (and her writing because let’s face it you probably don’t care about the worms) visit her website at




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