Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein is an author, videographer, small business champion and entrepreneur. She has published two memoirs, The Girl in the Gold Bikini, a collection of stories about her relationship with food and Murder on my Mind, a memoir of menopause.

Dana has always been a creative type, and began telling stories at the age of 6 when she was punished and sent to her room. Her instructions were to not play, not read, not color -  just sit on her bed and think about what she had done. To quell the boredom, Dana started making up stories, which she would tell herself - out loud - even though no one was listening.

Dana started writing down her stories at the age of nine, using school composition books. She moved into a career as a journalist, writing feature stories for magazines and newspapers across North America. She has worked as an editor on films and documentaries, and in 2013 launched her own content creation firm, Digital Shoebox, so she could bring the stories in her head to life for business owners.

Dana lives, creates and writes from her home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Shift is her first middle grade novel. For her podcast go to http://danagoldstein.ca/category/podcast/

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Email Address: danaleegoldstein@gmail.com

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