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Submissions Guidelines

Young Dragon Press submissions are open

now to August 31, 2022

We will not read submissions after these dates.


Submission Guidelines

Little Dragons

Little Dragons publishes creative, socially conscious, education, and humorous fiction and non-fiction titles for children of all ages. We are actively seeking picture books and chapter books, fiction and non-fiction, as well as middle grade (MG) books, fiction and non-fiction. Series are desired for chapter books and middle grade books. Series allow the readers to follow and develop a relationship with the characters. We welcome submissions from agents. We are especially interested in submissions from author/illustrators or author/photographer.

Please note: Only submissions sent through the methods listed in these guidelines will be considered. 

-Children’s picture books that show children in real-world situations (word count up to 1,000). Real world situations include the following:

  • Children live in real places
  • Characters are people
  • Families are diverse and represent different beliefs, cultures and environments

-Fantasy picture books that feature magic, talking animals and fanciful places and characters (word count up to 1000)

  • There are some magical elements in the story
  • The story may feature children or supernatural beings
  • Stories that suspend belief and intrigue the imagination

-Middle Grade Chapter Books written for 8-11 year olds, traditionally these books are part of a series so the reader can develop a relationship with the characters (word count 10,000-12,000 words)

  • Appropriate for the target audience
  • Able to sustain the reader throughout the book
  • Involve a clear conflict and in-depth character development

-Non-fiction and Biography (Can be either a picture book or a middle grade chapter book if it is a series)

  • We are actively seeking biographies about diverse people and cultures who have made a last impact on the world
  • Educational books about places, things or people
  • Books that are historically accurate while still engaging the target audience


Fledgling Dragons

Fledgling Dragons novels should be geared, and appropriate for, the targeted audience and with a solid sense of who the reader is. Topics that may be considered inappropriate for younger audiences include, but not limited to topics surrounding sex, alcohol/drug abuse, violence (including child abuse), and suicide. Consider what happens on the page, and what can be alluded to. Series work well with YA genre novels. Plots that are easy to follow without too many subplots/characters are ideal for this age-range.  Young Adult books should be around 60-100 thousand words.

Fledgling Dragons is looking for:

-Well-crafted stories that are of interest to young adults.

-Novels that clearly feature young adult protagonists.

-Stories that are unique, creative, and avoid social stereotypes.

-Books written by people of color or indigenous people.


Inquisitive Dragons

Inquisitive Dragons publishes nonfiction books geared for parents and teachers. Content of these books should be focused on enhancing and enriching learning for home, classrooms, or inclusive educational settings. We are looking for authors, author/illustrators, or author/photographers.

Inquisitive Dragons is looking for:

-Nonfiction books written for parents & teachers.

-Books that could be used as resource books in the classroom, home or inclusive educational setting.

-We are not looking for activity books or coloring books.

For those who are author/illustrators or author/photographer, please make sure you include a sample of your artwork/photography with your submission.


How to Submit: (Email submissions only)

  • Send directly to:
  • Please send the complete manuscript (picture books), or a summary with first three chapters (Chapter books, MG,YA, and non-fiction parenting/educational books).
  • If you are an author/illustrator or author/photographer, be sure to include samples (2-4) of your work
  • You will get a confirmation email when we receive your manuscript.
  • We will respond to all submissions within four weeks after the submission period closes.


The subject line should read:

  • SUBMISSION: (story title), Division (Lee, Fife, or Arbroath Abbey)  Author (First name, Last name)”


Cover letter (query):

The cover letter should  be an attachment Please include the following:

  • A brief description of the story.
  • Short bio of the author, mentioning publishing history or relevant background information.
  • Two to three sentences telling us the inspiration for your story. Why should we publish your book?
  • A listing of three comparative picture books published in the last five years and a few sentences describing how your book is different.
  • Contact information along with email, phone number & social media links.


The manuscript:

  • Should be attached as a WORD document, Google Doc or .PDF file.
  • Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced.



  • You will receive an email when we receive your submission.
  • We will respond to all submissions within 4-6 weeks after the submission period closes. 
  • Please include a sample of your artwork if you are an author/illustrator or author/photographer.