Winston and the Mystery of the Alien Rock

by Linda Apple

Aliens pretending to be a rock. Bow-wowsers is Winston upset when he discovers an unknown creature hiding in his own yard. As Top-Dog-In-Charge of Apple Security, he barks a warning to his folks, his friends, and anyone who will listen. But then he discovers that when you really examine all the facts things are often not what they seem, and even scary aliens can become your friend.

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Publisher: Lee
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About the Author

Linda Apple is the mother of five children and the grandmother of thirteen grandchildren. She understands the daily challenges of being a child and began writing stories through her Scotty dog, Winston’s, point of view, to encourage and gently guide early readers. Linda and Winston live in Northwest Arkansas. Coming in 2021, a picture book about Winston and the meaning of sharing with others. Visit Winston's website at 




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