At The Museum

by George Neeb

Book Cover: At The Museum

Ryan would rather play video games than learn about boring, old history! When his dad takes him to the museum, Ryan grumbles and groans... until he notices the figures painted on an old Greek vase magically come to life. Suddenly, Ryan is face to face with ancient Greek warriors – and they don’t seem very friendly. Travel back to ancient Greece and meet Zeus, Medusa, and Pegasus in this exciting adventure that will engage young fans of art, history, museums, and mythology.

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Publisher: Lee
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About the Author

George Neeb lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He loves visiting museums and traveling to faraway places to learn about history and art. He taught elementary school for many years. He also enjoys river walks, renovating his century home and spending time at his cabin on a quiet lake with his family. Visit for art ideas, reviews and information about upcoming books


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